Eye-to-Eye with Climate Change in the Ocean

The Public Science Lecture Series

February 15, 2011 Cambridge Public Library, Cambridge MA

Les Kaufman, PhD, Professor of Biology, Boston University Marine Program; Senior Marine Scientist, Conservation International; Research Scholar, New England Aquarium

Marine biologist Les Kaufman explains that climate change is real and palpable. Fresh from the field, he presents in pictures and words a scene of sweeping transformation in the world’s oceans, from the most remote coral atolls of the Pacific nation of Kiribati, to the threatened waterfronts and fisheries of Massachusetts. His message: clean up our act at home, and we can hand our grandchildren a world as rich as the one we grew up in.

Dr. Kaufman’s postings from his Fiji Expedition.

Dr. Kaufman’s Partners in Conservation Award

Great background for general readers: The Last Extinction, L. Kaufman & K. Mallory (Eds.) MIT Press. Dr. Kaufman has also written or co-authored several books for children about ocean life (check your library, bookseller or Amazon).

Read Bostonia article and see Bostonia’s video “Bostonia’s article and video”of one of Dr. Kaufman’s innovative programs at Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary.