Neutron Stars and Gravitational Waves

03/08/21 Gravitational waves produced by colliding neutron stars are providing unique information about the universe. Edo Berger

Physics Beyond the Standard Model at the Large Hadron Collider

06/26/20 The particle collisions at the Large Hadron Collider represent a search for a new physics in the form of new particles or forces that account for unknowns about the cosmos. Markus Klute

Using Genetics to Trace Human History

07/08/16 An explanation of how modern genetics analysis confirms ancient human migrations, such as the Indo-Europeans. Nick Patterson

Cell Architecture: Self-Organization and Scaling

10/08/19 A cell's size and the proportions of its components are strictly determined, but where do the rules come from? Scientists are still trying to figure that out. Jané Kondev

The Politics of Food's Environmental Footprint

04/17/12 Calculating the impact of large-scale food production on the environment... Susanne Freidberg

Ecological and Psychological Perspectives on Climate Change

02/13/18 Important factors that influence the way people think about climate change. Brian Helmuth and John Coley

How TB Bacteria Evade Treatment

12/10/13 TB cells do not all respond to antibiotics. Discovering why is the key to effective treatment. Bree Aldridge

Real Public Health Is More Than Just Healthcare

01-23-24 GBH Forum Network webinar (1 PM ET). In his newest book, Sandro Galea emphasizes that the field of public health is committed as much to preventing disease as to treating it. Public health includes the social factors that frame our lives. To develop a foundation for better health requires a rational policy dialogue. Sandro Galea

Energy Revolution!

05/21/15 Conversion to wind and solar power is entirely possible now in the U.S. Mara Prentiss

Distinguishing Scientific Facts from Disinformation and Distortion

04/05/22 How can we distinguish scientific facts from disinformation? This Union of Concerned Scientists writer battles distortion on a regular basis. Elliott Negin

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