Going to Mars? Better Take Some Gravity

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webinar September 19, 2023: Forum Network at WGBH

James Lackner, Ph.D., Meshulam and Judith Riklis Professor of Physiology. Brandeis University; Founder-Director of Ashton Graybiel Spatial Orientation Laboratory at Brandeis University

There is plenty of hype about travel to Mars, even living on Mars. However, zero-gravity takes a real toll on the human body. Dr. Lackner is a prominent researcher on the impact of zero-gravity on the body, and has produced major experiments in artificial gravity (and its own effects). He discusses what happens to the humans living on space stations, the further effects of deeper space and long periods in zero-gravity, and the scientific efforts to develop artificial gravity.

Dr. Lackner and the Graybiel Spatial Orientation Lab were featured on NOVA Science Now (2011) Can We Make It to Mars? hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson
Dr. Lackner has also appeared on BBC.

The Rotating Room (artificial gravity) image (3rd image down) developed by Dr. Lackner and his colleagues in this NASA article, Spinning Brains