How to Talk to a Science Denier

Science for the Public: Contemporary Science Issues and Innovations
March 08, 2022, Belmont Media Center** (zoom)

Lee McIntyre, Ph.D., Research Fellow, Center for Philosophy and History of Science, Boston University

Philosopher and popular author Lee McIntyre discusses his latest book, How to Talk to a Science Denier. This is a must-read for the many who confront denialism on the one hand, and misinformation/disinformation on the other. Dr. McIntyre provides examples from his personal experience together with a workable strategy for dealing with denialism. In an era when scientific facts and scientific thinking are essential for saving civilization as well as our planet, it is worrisome that rejection of science is so widespread. We need a plan. This book might be the starting point.,

Dr. McIntyre includes a couple of his earlier books in this discussion: The Scientific Attitude and Post-Truth