Coastal Ecosystems and Climate Change

Contemporary Science Issues and Innovations
December 17, 2014 Belmont Media Center, Belmont MA

Brian Helmuth, PhD, Professor, Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences and School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs; Director, Sustainability Science and Policy Initiative,Northeastern University. Helmuth Lab

The vitality of coastal ecosystems is of critical importance to life on Earth. Professor Brian Helmuth's lab is one of the most prominent research groups to carry out very complex investigations of these ecosystems. Using the most advanced techniques, the Helmuth lab explores the effects of climate and climate change on the physiology and ecology of marine organisms. They record patterns of growth, reproduction, and survival in important coastal species. A major goal of this approach is to inform decision makers with scientifically accurate and useful forecasts. Although Dr. Helmuth's primary focus is on North American rocky intertidal ecosystems, his lab also collaborates with researchers around the world.

The Helmuth Lab website contains many interesting resources.

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