Environmental Toxins and the Brain

Science for the Public: Working Science
Belmont Media Center, Belmont MA, October, 2014

Philippe Grandjean, D.M.Sc, M.D., Professor and Chair of Environmental Medicine, University of Southern Denmark; Adjunct Professor of Environmental Health, Harvard School of Public Health; Co-Editor (with David Ozonoff, Boston University School of Public Health) of Environmental Health journal. additional info

Dr. Grandjean is a world leader in the research on the relationship between environmental toxins and the sharp increase in cognitive impairments. Here, he discusses this worldwide problem and why regulation of environmental toxins is more urgent now than ever.

See also Dr. Grandjean's April 2014 lecture for SftPublic How Environmental Toxins Impair Brain Development.


We urge people to read Dr. Grandjean's excellent book on this subject: Only One Chance: How Environmental Pollution Impairs Brain Development -and How to Protect the Brains of the Next Generation.