Understanding Viruses: The Connor Lab

Science for the Public: Working Science_ recorded at the Connor Lab, NEIDL, July, 2014

The John H. Connor Lab at Boston University School of Medicine and National Emerging Infectious Disease Laboratories (NEIDL)

The Connor Lab investigates how viruses take over cells and how cells defend against virus invaders. Dr. Connor's group collaborates with other researchers in both virus research and computer science to develop tools for early identification of viruses, when medication is most effective, and potential vaccines that will prevent infection.

In this visit to the Connor Lab at the Boston University School of Medicine, we learn some basics about viruses and working in a virus research lab. We see techniques for discovering how viruses take over cells, and we get an idea of how cells block viruses. A few weeks after this video was recorded, an Ebola crisis emerged in Africa. Since the Ebola virus is a major interest of the Connor Lab, we have listed some articles featuring John Connor.