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January 23: Why the Earth Needs Its Oceans

A fascinating explanation of the complex relationship between the oceans and atmosphere --and how that balance makes the planet function.


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Each particle has a opposite form, its anti-particle, a discovery that has had wide-ranging effects

Quantum Computing, Quantum Biology

An exploration of the quantum realm in computation, the cosmos, and biology

Odd Couple: UV Radiation and the Origin of Life

A very exciting investigation of the possible role of ultraviolet radiation in the emergence of life --on Earth and elsewhere

The Jurassic Genome

Genetic material in ancient fossils yields an amazing profile of extinct organisms

Microbe Evolution

How microbes and their communities evolve and what the process means for us

Impact of Climate Change on Birds and Plants of Massachusetts

A discussion of the exceptionally well-documented climate change in Massachusetts

What to Know about Geoengineering

The excess CO2 in Earth's atmosphere will remain for hundreds of years. An atmospheric scientist explains the need to reduce that excess as we shift to renewable energy.

Medicating ADHD: Diagnosis and the Long-Term Effects of the Medications

The potential danger of long-term use of ADHD drugs

Understanding Viruses: The Connor Lab

The Connor Lab at Boston University is a leader in the effort to understand how viruses infect and how cells learn how to block infection

The D-Lab at MIT: Engineering by and for Developing Nations

An award-winning MIT lab engineers practical necessities for impoverished nations

Solar Thermoelectric Alternative Energy

A nanotech innovation to improve solar energy...

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Sandro Galea, MD, DrPH

A distinguished scientist who emphasizes the complex relationship between social, environmental and physical factors in the health of populations

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Meet Sameer Sonkusale, Ph.D.

An innovator in the development of nano-scale sensors and circuits used in medicine (such as "smart thread"), and a researcher committed democratizing science