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What Happened to the Honeybees?

The decimation of honeybee colonies is also a public health warning about pesticides

Working Science

Environmental Toxins and the Brain

Many common toxins in the environment significantly harm the fetal brain

Ocean Sediments: Earth's Deep Climate History

A leader in the international research on marine sediments explains how climate history is recorded in ocean sediments

Mahajan Mathematics

A novel approach to teaching mathematics

Understanding Viruses: The Connor Lab

The Connor Lab at Boston University is a leader in the effort to understand how viruses infect and how cells learn how to block infection

Resistance to New Ideas

Many of the most important advances in scientific understanding were initially rejected or ignored.

The Need for Science Funding

In an era of global science, other nations are increasing their science budgets. Why aren't we?

Cosmos: Dark Matter, Dark Energy

Most of the mass of the universe is invisible and undetectable and is known only by its effects....

Life: Origins of Life

The necessary ingredients and conditions; formation of life's molecules; Last Universal Common Ancestor (LUCA) ....


a fiber valued for its many practical applications has a long history of deadly impact

Exoplanet Atomospheres

How do scientists investigate exoplanet atmospheres --and what are they discovering?

Renaissance Roots of Modern Science

From astrology to astronomy, from superstition to empirical investigation....

The Human Genome Project

The challenge for genomic studies today is how to manage the vast collection of data

How DNA is Folded in Cells and Why it Matters

How DNA is folded in the cell may shed light on cancer and other diseases

Sustainability Science: Biodiversity and Community

The distinguished ecologist Kamal Bawa talks about his new book on the Himalayas, his research, and his ATREE institute

Earth and Humans: A Planetary Perspective

A distinguished authority on Earth's geochemical systems explains the deep relationship between life and planetary environment

What's Your DNA Profile Doing on a Federal Database?

The public should know the broad implications of forensic DNA

Unraveling the Secrets of Viruses

Why are viruses so successful, and can we manage the bad ones?

Science Outreach Programs for Youth

How university educational outreach programs encourage high school students' interest in science

Solar Energy the Third Way

Efficient production of solar energy with solar thermo-electric generators (STEGs)...

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Susanne Freidberg, Ph.D.

Outstanding resources on the environmental impact of modern agriculture and meat production

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Meet Joan Najita, PhD

A leading researcher on stellar disk formation discusses what astronomers now know --and don't know-- about the formation of solar systems