Mapping the Milky Way

02/13/13 An amazing 30+ year project and the discovery of two new Milky Way spiral arms. Thomas Dame

The Geometric Basis of Structure and Motion

11/13/18 Structures and motions are governed by geometric rules. Ileana Streinu and Ciprian S. Borcea

The Evolution of Photosynthesis

10/19/10 How photosynthesis --and life-- emerged in Earth's ancient chemical environment. Tanja Bosak and Alexander Petroff

Mass Extinctions

04/09/19 What caused Earth's five mass extinctions --and most important--are we headed for a sixth? Andrew Knoll

Deep-Sea Volcanoes

04/26/16 Scientists are now able to study in detail the dynamic volcanic activity of the deep ocean ridges. Here are some amazing discoveries. Daniel Fornari

Human Earth

12/09/21 A distinguished geologist compares the human impact on our planet with the impacts of natural catastrophes over billions of years. Based on his book, A Brief History of Earth, this discussion is a sequel to an earlier conversation. Andrew Knoll

Scientists Raise the Alarm: Endocrine Disruptors Affect Brain Development

08/03/20 An important update on the impact of common toxins in the environment that permanently affect the brain -starting in the womb. The evidence of damage is far ahead of the regulation of these chemicals. Thomas Zoeller

Cracking the Neural Code for Speech

01/27/12 vThe Neural Prosthesis Lab at Boston University demonstrates the Brain-Computer-Interface: a communication device for the severely impaired. Frank Guenther

Cooler Smarter

06/28/12 A co-author of the new book from the Union of Concerned Scientists describes how individuals can substantially reduce their carbon footprints while creating a healthy lifestyle...Jeff Deyette

Replacing Plastic: The Merits of Shrilk

02/04/14 Materials scientist Javier Fernandez discusses the "plastisphere" crisis and how it motivated the development of biodegradable "shrilk."

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