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Sept 08: Origami: Art and Science

Discover how art and science intersect; it will change your entire perspective

Note: The fall events schedule will be posted later this summer. In June-July-August we will be producing new mini-documentaries for our Working Science series. The WS videos will be uploaded as we finish them.

Resistance to New Ideas

Many of the most important advances in scientific understanding were initially rejected or ignored.

The Need for Science Funding

In an era of global science, other nations are increasing their science budgets. Why aren't we?

Cosmos: Dark Matter, Dark Energy

Most of the mass of the universe is invisible and undetectable and is known only by its effects....

Life: Quasi-Life

Viruses, prions, bacteriophages ... all behave like living organisms but are not quite alive...

Black Holes

Proof that massive stars would form black holes was rejected because of bias.

Great Expectations: The Large Hadron Collider 2015

When the LHC starts up again in 2015, what will scientists be looking for?

The Core of the Moon

Did the ancient moon have a magnetic field like Earth's? And why do scientists need to know?

Advanced Research on the Origin of Life

Two young scientists at the famous Jack Szostak Lab explain research issues

Conservation Lessons from Ice-Age Extinctions

Was there a human factor in the Ice Age extinctions of large mammals?

Clive Hamilton Talks about the Geoengineering Issue

A major ethicist and author talks about the geoengineering issue and his new book on that topic, Earthmasters

Corporate Science and Genetically Modified Foods

A leading expert and author on the issue of genetically modified foods explains the corporate resistance to labeling GM foods.

Environmental Toxins and the Brain

Many common toxins in the environment significantly harm the fetal brain

The Issue of Psychiatric Drugs

Medications that are effective initially can cause very serious problems later

Energy Revolution!

Conversion to wind and solar power is possible now in the U.S.

Innovations in Clean Water Technology

Desalination offers a solution to the water shortage problem...

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Sharon Levy

A well-known natural history writer's analysis of the Ice-Age extinctions in America

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Meet Sharon Levy

A respected nature writer discusses ancient and modern extinctions