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DDT Poisoning

A poison that was initially considered a solution to disease-bearing insects and harmless to humans and animals became lethal

The Grand Geometry of Nature

Mathematics everywhere: the deepest truths of Nature are mathematical. Tom Mrowka and Gigliola Staffilani

Einstein's Relativity

Einstein completely changed our understanding of the universe... Tereasa Brainerd

Sustaining Life: Biodiversity and Human Health

How the unprecedented loss of biodiversity impacts human health. Aaron Bernstein

The Human Genome Project

The challenge for genomic studies today is how to manage the vast collection of data. John Quackenbush

Eye-to-Eye with Climate Change in the Ocean

Saving the oceans is an urgent matter... Les Kaufman

Why We Need an International Plan on Climate Change

The long struggle to commit the international community to prepare for the worldwide climate crisis. Henrik Selin

Medicating ADHD: Diagnosis and the Long-Term Effects of the Medications

The potential danger of long-term use of ADHD drugs

How Delayed Release of Industry Data on Chemical Toxicity Impacts Health

Producers of perfluorinated alkylate substances (PFAS) withheld for decades the facts about the health and environmental threats of these ubiquitous toxins. Philippe Grandjean

The Great Potential of Offshore WInd Farms

How effective are offshore wind farms in nations that have developed them, and why has the US been slow to recognize the enormous potential of this energy resource? NEU researcher Andrew Myers presents the facts.

Fracking: The Facts and Issues

A panel of experts presents the known scientific, health and environmental facts about fracking. Phartiyal_Pallavi, Aaron Bernstein, William Moomaw, Andrew Rosenberg

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