SftPublic Programs 2010

In 2010 we began recording our programs through community TV at the Belmont Media Center, Belmont Massachusetts. We experimented with studio recording of lectures in addition to lectures at Cambridge Public Library, Cambridge, MA. Two of the studio lectures, Jurassic Genome and Understanding How Life Began are recordings of lectures originally presented at the 2009 Boston Public Library. Those two presenters kindly returned in 2010 to make studio recordings of their lectures from 2009. In September 2010 we launched a second program, Contemporary Science Issues and Innovations. We also became a WGBH Forum Network partner, which helped us reach a wider audience.

Jan 2010: The Jurassic Genome Chris Organ, PhD, Harvard University

Mar 2010: Earthquakes! Colleen Dalton, PhD, Boston University

Apr 2010: Understanding How Life Began Alonso Ricardo, PhD, Harvard University/HHMI

May 2010: The Issue of Psychiatric Drugs Robert Whitaker, Author

May 2010: Advanced Research on the Origin of Life M. Powner. PhD, I. Budin, Harvard University/HHMI

June 2010: Psychotropic Drugs and Children Robert Whitaker, Author

Sept 2010: The Youth Pill David Stipp, Author

Sept 2010: Effects of Traffic-Related Pollution on Children S. Franco Suglia, ScD, Boston University School of Public Health

Sept 2010: Dark Matter in the Universe Peter Fisher, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Oct 2010: The Evolution of Photosynthesis Tanja Bosak, PhD and Alex Petroff, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Oct 2010: The Electric Eye: A Visual Prosthesis Shawn Kelly, PhD, Boston VA Center for Innovative Rehabilitation

Nov 2010: Einstein’s Relativity Tereasa Brainerd, PhD, Boston University

Dec 2010: Self-Defense Mechanisms of the Cell Sushil Alimchandani, PhD, Boston University