SftPublic Programs 2011

The Public Science Lectures Series at Cambridge Public Library (Jan and Feb); at Belmont Media Center (Mar-June) and at Boston University College of Arts and Sciences (July-Dec)

Contemporary Science Issues and Innovations at Belmont Media Center, Belmont MA

Jan 2011 Front-Row Seat at the Big Bang Steven Nahn, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Feb 2011 Eye-to-Eye with Climate Change in the Ocean Les Kaufman, PhD, Boston University

Apr 2011 What’s Your DNA Doing on a DNA Database? Sheldon Krimsky, PhD, Tufts University

Apr 2011 Conservation Lessons from Ice Age Extinctions Sharon Levy, Author

May 2011 Restoration of Severely Contaminated Land Justin Hollander, PhD, Tufts University

May 2011 Unraveling the Secrets of Viruses John Connor, PhD, Boston University Medical School

June 2011 Sustaining Life: The Importance of Biodiversity Aaron Bernstein, M.D., Harvard University Medical School; Children’s Hospital

June 2011 Bionic Being: The New Prostheses Shawn Kelly, PhD, Boston VA Center for Innovative Rehabilitation

July 2011 Big Science from Little Stars Andrew West, PhD, Boston University

Aug 2011 The Tumultuous Milky Way and Its Satellite Galaxies E. D’Onghia, PhD, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Sept 2011 The Human Genome Project John Quackenbush, PhD, Harvard School of Public Health; Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Oct 2011 Solar Thermoelectric Energy Alternative Gang Chen, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Nov 2011 The D-Lab at MIT Amy Smith, Founder and Director of D-Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Nov 2011 Revealing the Brain through States of Unconsciousness Emery N.Brown, MD., PhD, Harvard Medical School; Massachusetts General Hospital; MIT

Dec 2011 The History of the Universe in One Hour Max Tegmark, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dec 2011 Innovations in Clean Water Technology John Lienhard V, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology