Looking for Signatures of Life on Mars

03/17/15 Was there ever life on Mars? How do scientists search for and analyze possible clues? Roger Summons

Science Speculations: Time Travel

03/15/18 How realistic is the time-travel concept and how would time machines work? David Toomey

The Biological Mind

03/27/18 The "mind" is not an isolated entity; it is connected to a physical-social environment. Alan Jasanoff

Ancient Environmental Shifts and Evolution

05/03/21 A warming climate led to the emergence of grasslands, which led to major evolutionary changes. Aly Baumgartner

Can Seagrasses Weather Ocean Warming?

06/14/21 Seagrasses feed and protect many marine species. They stabilize shorelines. They reduce ocean acidification. Can seagrasses endure ocean warming? Barnabas Daru

Earthquakes and Tsunamis

04/12/16 How ocean earthquakes generate tsunamis --and where tsunamis can occur. John Ebel

Creating and Testing Vaccines

02/15/21 The amazing mechanisms by which viruses infect cells and the challenge of developing effective vaccines. Forian Douam

Medicating ADHD: Diagnosis and the Long-Term Effects of the Medications

03/20/13 The potential danger of long-term use of ADHD drugs. Robert Whitaker

Cooler Smarter

06/28/12 A co-author of the new book from the Union of Concerned Scientists describes how individuals can substantially reduce their carbon footprints while creating a healthy lifestyle...Jeff Deyette

Power Plants and the Freshwater Crisis

06/25/13 The cooling systems of power plants use an enormous percentage of our diminishing freshwater supply. What's the solution? John Rogers

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