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The concept that all matter is composed of an invisible but fundamental entity was resisted for a very long time.

History of the Universe in One Hour

From the Big Bang to parallel universes... Max Tegmark

The Scientific Attitude

Author and philosopher Lee McIntyre discusses his newest book, The Scientific Attitude, and some of his earlier works. A timely subject!

Enigmas of Life: Getting It Started and Becoming Complex

An investigation of the two major questions about the origin of life, and their relevance in search for life elsewhere in the universe. Zachary Adam

Evolution and Environmental Toxins

A toxicologist explains why some organisms thrive in an environment that endangers most species. Emily Monosson

Earthquakes and Tsunamis

How ocean earthquakes generate tsunamis --and where tsunamis can occur. John Ebel

Creating Public Doubt about Scientific Facts

How vested interests have misled and confused the public over the years about many issues: DDT, tobacco, the ozone hole, environment, climate change. Naomi Oreskes

The Issue of Psychiatric Drugs

Medications that are effective initially can cause very serious problems later. Robert Whitaker

Sept 10: Herbal Medicines Decoded: How Plants That Soothe and Cure Do It

From ancient traditions to modern pharmaceutical labs, certain plants have been valued for their therapeutic qualities. The Weng Lab analyzes the unique chemistry --and evolution-- of such plants.

Science Outreach Programs for Youth

How university educational outreach programs encourage high school students' interest in science. Irene Porro

Energy Revolution!

Conversion to wind and solar power is entirely possible now in the U.S. Mara Prentiss

Today's Featured Contributors

Featured Author

Priyamvada Natarajan, Ph.D.

A splendid discussion of the initial resistance to --and ultimate acceptance of -- many fundamental concepts of modern astrophysics/astronomy

Featured Guest

Meet Henrik Selin, Ph.D.

An international expert on climate change and environmental policy who emphasizes the need for global action on climate change