Living in Space: Artificial Gravity and Bioastronautics

The human body requires a gravity environment. So how do aerospace engineers plan for the colonization of space? Developing artificial gravity is a major objective. Ana Diaz Artiles

What Mathematicians Reveal about Gerrymandering

Finally, an explanation of how voting districts can be unfairly sliced and diced. Justin Solomon

Microbe Evolution

How microbes and their communities evolve and what the process means for us. Christopher Marx

Searching for Bio-Molecules

At the Summons Lab, scientists probe soil and rock samples from both ancient Earth and Mars for bio-molecules. Roger Summons

They Didn't Believe It! Plate Tectonics, Foundation of Earth Systems

It took almost a century to determine if and how continents moved (continental drift). In the 1960s irrefutable evidence showed that tectonic plates caused regular shifts of the planet’s magnetic polarity, volcanoes and earthquakes -and the drift of continents.

Our Rising Seas

Sea-level patterns over 2000 years and the situation now. Andrew Kemp

Genetics and Social Responsibility

A distinguished leader in genetic research discusses his dual commitment to science and ethics. Jon Beckwith

Climate Change Brings Changes to Medical Training

Because of climate change, many regions are experiencing diseases introduced by unfamiliar insects, microbes, and other sources. This situation requires a new approach to training medical students. Gaurab Basu, M.D., MPH

The War on Science: What We Need to Do

The anti-science mentality and policies threaten public health, environment, and safety --and also our progress in many scientific fields. Andrew Rosenberg

There Is More Than Enough Renewable Energy

Irrefutable evidence for why we should --and can-- transition to renewable energy without delay. Mara Prentiss

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