Dark Energy and the Cosmic Expansion

12/14/21 The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) is the most advanced probe of the relationship between dark energy and the expansion of the universe. A unique project in astronomy. Arjun Dey

They Didn't Believe It! Dark Matter

12/02/19 Most of the matter in the universe is invisible --and scientists still do not know what it is. This is a brief story of how the idea of dark matter was very slowly accepted.

Ancient Environmental Shifts and Evolution

05/03/21 A warming climate led to the emergence of grasslands, which led to major evolutionary changes. Aly Baumgartner

Using Genetics to Trace Human History

07/08/16 An explanation of how modern genetics analysis confirms ancient human migrations, such as the Indo-Europeans. Nick Patterson

Clouds, Chemistry, and Climate Change: Why Our Current Climate Is What It Is

09/12/17 Clouds are an essential component of the dynamics of climate change. Here's how that works. Daniel Cziczo

Journey to the Center of the Earth

11/05/13 What modern seismologists are learning about the Earth's interior. Miaki Ishii

How Environmental Pollutants Impair Brain Development

04/08/14 A world authority on how environmental toxins affect brain development brings the evidence to the general public. Philippe Grandjean

Who Funds the FDA - And Why Does It Matter?

06/07/22 An increasing percentage of the Food and Drug Agency's funding comes from the pharmaceutical industry. How does this arrangement affect the agency in general and the approval of new medications in particular? Aaron Kesselheim

Fracking: The Facts and Issues

11/12/13 A panel of experts presents the known scientific, health and environmental facts about fracking. Phartiyal_Pallavi, Aaron Bernstein, William Moomaw, Andrew Rosenberg

Designing Sustainable Urban Development

11/25/19 How the world-class Sustainable Design Lab at MIT combines architecture, engineering, physics --and creative genius-- to design the optimal urban environment. Christoph Reinhart

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