Quantum Computing, Quantum Biology

An exploration of the quantum realm in computation, the cosmos --and biology. Seth Lloyd

Science Speculations: Time Travel

How realistic is the time-travel concept and how would time machines work? David Toomey

Ancient Environmental Shifts and Evolution

A warming climate led to the emergence of grasslands, which led to major evolutionary changes. Aly Baumgartner

The Co-Evolution of Organisms and Their Environments

Reconstructing the relationship between biological evolution and geology, climate, environment. Andrew Knoll

Industrial Agriculture and the Humble Strawberry

The inherent conflict between profit from one of California's major crops and the impact on environment and health. Julie Guthman

The Science --and Oft-Ignored Side Effects --of Geoengineering

An important critique of geoengineering, including cautions about misinformation. Daniel Cziczo

The Youth Pill

What are the possibilities of extending human life and good health? David Stipp

Nanotechnology in Medicine

A tour of some innovative medical nano-devices at the Tufts University Nano Lab. Sameer Sonkusale

Fracking: The Facts and Issues

A panel of experts presents the known scientific, health and environmental facts about fracking. Phartiyal_Pallavi, Aaron Bernstein, William Moomaw, Andrew Rosenberg

Innovations for the People: The GEAR Lab at MIT

The Global Engineering and Research (GEAR) Lab produces cost-saving, practical innovations that make a real difference for developing nations: home-use desalination, drip irrigation -and many other solutions. Amos Winter

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Sharon Levy

A well-known natural history writer's analysis of the Ice-Age extinctions in America

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Meet Peter Fisher, PhD

A leading researcher in particle physics, dark matter, cosmic rays