Meet John H. Connor, PhD

Dr. John Connor, Associate Professor of Microbiology, Connor Lab, Boston University School of Medicine.

Dr. Connor’s November 06, 2014 lecture Viruses: Threats in a Tiny Package at Robbins Library, Arlington MA presented both background on virus research and an update on progress in speedy identification of viruses and treatment.

Professor Connor’s studio presentation in 2011, Unraveling the Secrets of Viruses explained the remarkably clever mechanisms viruses deploy to outwit scientific efforts to control them –and how research labs like his are learning how to exploit those mechanisms in ways that result in medical breakthroughs.

In this brief bio sketch, Dr. Connor tells how he shifted, in his student days, from engineering to microbiology. He describes the gratification as well as the challenges of virus research. And he discusses why the public should be well informed about viruses and virus research.