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March 26: Innovative Solutions to Antibiotic Resistance

New approaches and new technologies offer fresh understanding of antibiotic resistance, and real solutions to the problem.

April 9: Mass Extinctions

What caused Earth's five mass extinctions --and are we headed for a sixth?

April 23: Psychiatric Drugs: Why They Often Fail Us Over Long Term

More than one in five Americans now takes a psychiatric medication. But long-term results are poor. A major author on the subject discusses more effective initiatives.


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One of the greatest scientific breakthroughs of all time still meets resistance today

Probing the Large-Scale Universe

Deep cosmic surveys hope to explain the mysterious accelerating expansion of the universe. That search considers dark energy, dark matter, gravity.

How Solar Systems Form: Puzzles and Possibilities

Astronomer Joan Najita explains the challenge of understanding how planetary systems are created.

The Co-Evolution of Organisms and Their Environments

Reconstructing the relationship between biological evolution and geology, climate, environment

How DNA is Folded in Cells and Why it Matters

How DNA is folded in the cell may shed light on cancer and other diseases

Reading the Clouds to Understand Climate Change

Clouds and the particles they contain are essential information for climate science. Here's how scientists gather and decipher that information.

How Glaciers Affect Earth and Climate

An explanation of the relationship between glacial cycles and climate change

Breakthrough in Antibiotics Resistance

An ingenious solution to the crisis of ineffective antibiotics is making headlines

How TB Bacteria Evade Treatment

TB cells do not all respond to antibiotics. Discovering why is the key to effective treatment.

Energy Revolution!

Conversion to wind and solar power is possible now in the U.S.

Solar Thermoelectric Alternative Energy

A nanotech innovation to improve solar energy...

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Mara Prentiss, Ph.D.

A prominent physicist makes a compelling case for shifting to alternative energy --now!

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Meet Dudley Foster

A legendary Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution engineer who was part of the historical Alvin manned deep-sea submersible team