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January 23: Why the Earth Needs Its Oceans

A fascinating explanation of the complex relationship between the oceans and atmosphere --and how that balance makes the planet function.


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Glacial Moraines

Evidence for ancient glaciers and their rocky deposits conflicted with the 18th century's Biblical perspective

Cosmic Evolution

From the beginning of the universe to complex life: an explanation of the development of the cosmos

Mario Livio, Ph.D: His Astrophysics, His New Book (Brilliant Blunders), His Other Books

Astrophysicist and popular science author, Mario Livio, talks about his science, his writing, and his passion for art

"Shocking" News from Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents

In probably the most extreme environmment on Earth, organisms are thriving. Peter Girguis explains how.....

The Jurassic Genome

Genetic material in ancient fossils yields an amazing profile of extinct organisms


Earthquakes occur somewhere, every day. Can they be predicted?

Understanding Coastal Ecosystems

A visit to the Helmuth Lab to learn how scientists investigate effects of changing climate on coastal ecosystems

Evolution of the Y Chromosome: Males Will Survive

The scientist who led the sequencing of the Y chromosome explains its evolution, its survival, and possible relationship to conditions and diseases that affect mostly males.

Breakthrough in Antibiotics Resistance

An ingenious solution to the crisis of ineffective antibiotics is making headlines

The Push for Renewable Energy

An author-activist urges public engagement to ensure the transition to renewable energy

Power Plants and the Freshwater Crisis

The cooling systems of power plants use an enormous percentage of our diminishing freshwater supply. What's the solution?

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Emily Monosson, Ph.D.

An evolutionary toxicologist considers why some organisms adapt to our toxic world while others do not.

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Meet Andrew Kurtz, Ph.D.

An expert on the science of the soil and how climate change and other forces affect the "skin of the Earth"